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2019 Packaging Designer Gift Guide

Shopping for that packaging designer, graphic designer, or creative type in your life? You know the ones, they point out poorly kerned type on gas station signs and roll their eyes? While you ponder what the hell is kerning, let’s see what’s hot on the gift list of those designery people we all love. As

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Packaging Can Increase Views & Engagement on Linked In

Every once in a while I share a post that gets tens of thousands of views, but most often they range in the high hundreds to low thousands. What’s difference between posts that burn bright and those that fizzle out? What do the numbers mean and why you shouldn’t put too much emphasis on views,

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Hey, Here’s a Packaging Project Plan to Avoid Launch Delays Like a Pro

Hire a packaging professional to engineer, design, and oversee manufacturing. If you’re unsure of where to start, hire a packaging consultant that can identify scope, make a project plan, and guide you to a successful launch.