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Unboxd Launches Packaging’s New Podcast

In the last few weeks we’ve been extremely busy, we’ve launched the fastest growing podcast specific to the package design industry. Package Design Unboxd, is podcast that goes into everything you need to know about package design. In it we discuss everything from material development and engineering, to design, manufacturing, and recycling. Listen to it

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Reese’s Puff & Travis Scott’s Joint

limited edition packaging for Reeses puffs General Mills designed by Travis Scott sells out

General Mills’ Reese’s Puffs released the latest version of Travis Scott’s cereal box designs and they flew off the shelves again! Summer of 2019 the two signed an agreement releasing Travis’ first cereal packaging design, those first boxes sold out in 30 seconds. How else to kick off 2020 than with a new box design that

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2019 Packaging Designer Gift Guide

Shopping for that packaging designer, graphic designer, or creative type in your life? You know the ones, they point out poorly kerned type on gas station signs and roll their eyes? While you ponder what the hell is kerning, let’s see what’s hot on the gift list of those designery people we all love. As

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How to Generate an Endless Source of Packaging Design Inspiration

How to design packaging and where to find inspiration

Ever wonder where professional design teams find inspiration for groundbreaking packaging design? Look around, inspiration is everywhere and it’s more accessible to everyone than ever before. Asking where not to look is equally important. Googling “packaging design” delivers vast and never-ending examples of packaging design, but only reflects the solutions delivered to the market. Relying

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Packaging Can Increase Views & Engagement on Linked In

Every once in a while I share a post that gets tens of thousands of views, but most often they range in the high hundreds to low thousands. What’s difference between posts that burn bright and those that fizzle out? What do the numbers mean and why you shouldn’t put too much emphasis on views,

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People of Packaging Podcast, Episode 7: Evelio Mattos

The People of Packaging (POP) podcast, hosted by Ted Taitt of CPP Global and Adam Peek of WS Packaging Group introduces listeners to experts within the packaging design industry. “You’re the link between the brand and an immersive experience with the customer” – Ted Tait, People of Packaging In POP’s Episode 7, Creative Director of Packaging,

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Victoria Beckham’s Sustainable Beauty Packaging is Not Perfect, but That’s Okay

Victoria Beckham Beauty’s packaging is #NotPerfect, and we’re ok with that. Embracing imperfection is a level of honesty we should expect from every brand. “Superior craftsmanship alone is no longer enough — beauty brands must also be agents of change.” As consumers we know brands can’t always achieve perfection from day one. But having

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KITH’s NYFW Invite is Exactly Why I Got into Packaging

KITH partnered with Don Julio Tequila for their NYFW invitation to celebrate their broad range of inspiration. From custom bottle and labels, to the leather bound and gold hinged box, this will surely be Don Julio’s most sought after bottle. Unexpected unboxing experiences, collaborations, and unlikely material combinations are every reason I fell in love

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Hey, Here’s a Packaging Project Plan to Avoid Launch Delays Like a Pro

Hire a packaging professional to engineer, design, and oversee manufacturing. If you’re unsure of where to start, hire a packaging consultant that can identify scope, make a project plan, and guide you to a successful launch.

The Packaging Collection To Raise Your Packaging Design Game.

Shoebox Museum opens next week in NYC The team at How Life Unfolds partnered with Matt Halfhill of Nice Kicks to celebrate shoebox design. The pop-up museum breaks down the sneaker box into three categories: design, brand experience and uncommon concepts. Having access to an exhibit like this is a once in a lifetime opportunity

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