Unboxd Launches Packaging’s New Podcast

In the last few weeks we’ve been extremely busy, we’ve launched the fastest growing podcast specific to the package design industry. Package Design Unboxd, is podcast that goes into everything you need to know about package design. In it we discuss everything from material development and engineering, to design, manufacturing, and recycling.

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Our first episode, with Nikki Withington of Square 1 in New Zealand, discussed sustainable packaging and what to consider when making material choices. How compostable packaging actually works and why it’s important to differentiate sustainable versions of non sustainable designs.


Episode 2 with Vincent Villeger former Director of Packaging at Burberry, we define what luxury package design actually means. How designers need to view packaging as product and create experiences for users within the details of the design. He talks about the process for developing Burberry’s iconic paper and texture to match their gaberdine cloth elevating their brand in the process.

Upcoming guests include Alex Center former design director at Coca-Cola, Brandi Parker of Pearlfisher design, Beau Peck Director at Zero Waste Services, Jess Williams Creative Director at Communal Creative, and so many more voices int he package design community.

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Evelio Mattos - Creative Director

Named “One of the 200 Best Packaging Designers” by Lurzer’s Archive, and Graphic Design USA's "Designers to Watch", Evelio is an industry recognized packaging design expert. He's a creative producer known for strategically bridging package design and sustainability, with flawless manufacturing. Evelio’s passion for designing and engineering memorable unboxing experiences for global brands and consumers, can be seen in his creative collaborations with some of the world's most sought after brands.

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