limited edition packaging for Reeses puffs General Mills designed by Travis Scott sells out

Reese’s Puff & Travis Scott’s Joint

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General Mills’ Reese’s Puffs released the latest version of Travis Scott’s cereal box designs and they flew off the shelves again! Summer of 2019 the two signed an agreement releasing Travis’ first cereal packaging design, those first boxes sold out in 30 seconds.

How else to kick off 2020 than with a new box design that also sold out in less than a day? The latest boxes are reselling between $200-500 a box regardless if they contain cereal or not. Fans swarmed their local grocers buying up the shelves within minutes and reposting them to sites like Ebay, Poshmark, and even Marketplace.


For brands looking to move product limited edition is one way to create both buzz and demand. FOMO is real and seeing product you might miss the chance to purchase drives sales – only if you’ve got the right plan in place. General Mills’ unexpected collab with Travis Scott is the joint we didn’t know we needed, and now people are trading cereal boxes like baseball cards.


I just happened to get my hands on a box (thanks GM), cereal tastes the same as the the regular stuff but this box won’t be seeing the inside of my recycle bin any time soon.


Given that the cereal aisle is fast becoming a ghost town with fewer and fewer consumer purchasing the sugary treats, will we see more collabs like this soon? We’ve seen athletes, sports teams, and movies on boxes but will musicians, street artist, or sneaker heads be the next wave? There’s a fine line between selling out and being a pioneer, Travis is a pioneer.

Would a Banksy box of rice crispies be considered selling out?

Who would you want to see on a box of cereal next?



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