People of Packaging Podcast, Episode 7: Evelio Mattos

The People of Packaging (POP) podcast, hosted by Ted Taitt of CPP Global and Adam Peek of WS Packaging Group introduces listeners to experts within the packaging design industry.

“You’re the link between the brand and an immersive experience with the customer”
– Ted Tait, People of Packaging

In POP’s Episode 7, Creative Director of Packaging, Evelio Mattos discusses his process for identifying key UX touchpoints and how to layer branded communication into the unboxing process. Packaging trends, sustainability, single-use-plastic shaming, and the value of working with students are tackled in this nearly hour-long interview.

“There are so many ways to a more sustainable package, it doesn’t mean you’ve got to change your current material to granola.”
– Evelio Mattos

Listen to the podcast in its entirety below.


Evelio Mattos - Creative Director

Named “One of the 200 Best Packaging Designers” by Lurzer’s Archive, and Graphic Design USA's "Designers to Watch", Evelio is an industry recognized packaging design expert. He's a creative producer known for strategically bridging package design and sustainability, with flawless manufacturing. Evelio’s passion for designing and engineering memorable unboxing experiences for global brands and consumers, can be seen in his creative collaborations with some of the world's most sought after brands.

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